Puppet theatre is my perpetual trip to the world of new dimensions. Not only does it lend unexpected physical possibilities to the world of theatre, it also brings the poetry of dance and visual arts closer to a text.


NORDIC PUppET AMBASSADORS: Only One Suitcase Allowed

A large story in tiny size, a story based on The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank).

Director: Outi Sippola. Nordic Puppet Ambassadors, Rovaniemi. 2014. 


Jo-Jo-teatteri: Empire V

                             Photo: Juska Teittinen

Based on Viktor Pelevin's book Empire V.
Director: Jatta Stepanoff Harakkamäki
Jo-Jo Teatteri, Turku. 2013.


Tehdas Teatteri & Aura of Puppets: Tempest (Myrsky)

A Shakespearean story of a father and his growing daughter.10 table top puppets, 10 puppeteers.
Director: Merja Pöyhönen. Tehdas Teatteri & Aura of Puppets, Turku. 2013.

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                                          Photo: Ville-Matias Roisko
Puppet theatre, dance and physical theatre. Scandinavian bleakness spiced with a sense of humour, which is darker than the November's soil. A performance inspired by the paintings of Michael Kvium.
Director: Outi  Sippola. Nordic Puppet Ambassadors, Mikkeli. 2012.


Jo-Jo Teatteri: Saatana saapuu Moskovaan (Master and Margarita)

                                Photo: Matti Vahtera

Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel Master and Margarita.
Director: Jatta Stepanoff Harakkamäki, Jo-Jo Teatteri, Turku. 2011.


Puppet Science and Fiction

Photos: Ville-Matias Roisko

Puppet Science and Fiction is a mathematical art happening for young people between 13-16 years of age. The happening includes a performance and a mathematical workshop. The happening is inspired by Flatland written by Edwin Abott Abott.

Director: Outi Sippola. Teatteri SudenEnne, Turku. 2011.